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Brass Construction’s truism- “You gotta get up to get down” reflects my inner most feelings about holistic tooth care. With the aid of activated charcoal, you gotta get those pearlies soot covered to get `em sparkly. You all know my spiel on minimizing abrasive substances to cleanse your teeth (i.e. toothpaste) since that kind of scrubbing with an already abrasive tooth brush causes the gums to flee in response, hello receding gums…receding gums create the perfect conditions for more dental bummers, including cavities.

Brushing with the non abrasive Tooth Cleanse replaces that toothpaste- but what about those stains from coffee, tea, smoking and dirty language on your grill??  “Tooth Polish!”, we excitedly exclaim!


Our latest reformulation combines the less abrasive, toxin adsorbing (attracting and sticking to the surface of the surface area for days) charcoal with the cleansing powers of baking soda and the gum health promoting myrrh. A bit of peppermint oil harmonizes the whole experience. My mouth feels nook and cranny clean afterwards.


Use once a fortnight, brushing your teeth only. Simply sprinkle just a bit on your clean, damp toothbrush and gently polish where you see stains.A little goes a looong way! 


Now go blind someone with that toothy grin.



activated plant charcoal, baking soda, kaolin clay, myrrh powder*, peppermint essential oil*



Fat and the Moon Charcoal Tooth Polish - 1Floz

SKU: FM002

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