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For those who are not local to our beauty salon, our professional advice is also available to you - for FREE!


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, but if you have a specific question about your skin, please email and our experienced therapist will be happy to help. 

Beautiful Calm Beauty Products
  • Is having Shellac on my nails bad for me?
    Not if you have had shellac before with no adverse reaction on your skin, particularly on your face & neck. The ingredient currently in the press has always been in Shellac and having it put on an external nail (which is made of dead skin) is better than having it in dental treatments or medication! If you are concerned just ask your therapist for a patch test prior to having it for the first time.🙂
  • Are products containing Hyaluronic Acid effective?
    Yes because Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in the skin it is absorbed readily when applies...the more the better! Unfortunately it diminishes with age and is often the main ingredient in dermal filler injections for this reason.
  • Am I too old to be getting Acne?
    Unfortunately you`re never too old! Acne can occur at any age but later in life is more often due to hormonal changes and maybe Acne Rosacea rather than Acne Vulgaris (Adolescent type) Don`t exfoliate more than once a fortnight and treat the skin very gently, simplify your routine to cleanse, tone and moisturise only with the use of a mask or pecific treatment just on the inflamed area 2-3 times a week. Procducts with Vitamin C, Niacinamide, AHAs, Retinoids or Clay can be very effective. Please email me for specific help on
  • How can I improve under eye dark circles?
    - make sure you get enough sleep - it`s not just an old wives` tale! - hydrate & hydrate some more..the skin around the eyes is one of the thinnest on the body and becomes thinner if you`re not drinking enough water, 10-12 glasses if you can! - check with your GP if they`ve suddenly appeared and you`re doing the above to rule out anything medical - use an eye gel or cream daily as they are specifically formulated for the delicate skin of the eye area; reducing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles
  • Is exfoliating good for my skin?
    Yes. Skin cells naturally reproduce approx every 30 days (desquamation), but as we age this slows down so a regular exfoliation will enhance this process. It also promotes optimal absorption of further products.
  • I have sensitive skin – should I still exfoliate?
    Yes, but gently and approx once every 2 weeks. As a general rule, if you have a dry skin the cells will be desquamating more rapidly so you should exfoliate more often i.e. once, maybe twice a week if its so dry its flaky. Oily skin needs less frequently.
  • When is the best time to use a mask on my skin?
    Ideally when you have just exfoliated and when you don’t need to put anything onto your skin afterwards i.e before bed.
  • I have always had sensitive skin, will it ever improve?"
    Yes, if you can find out what is triggering the condition it can definitely be improved. Sensitive skin isn’t a skin type its a skin condition that can affect any skin type and is often a temporary state due to the environment or stress or diet to name but a few!
  • I have blackheads, does this mean I have oily skin?"
    Not necessarily, they can be left behind from a previous oiliness or sometimes be due to a build up of dry, dead skin being allowed to sit and block the pores.
  • How should blackheads be removed?
    Firstly – GENTLY! Ideally after exfoliating the skin and warming with a wet flannel or steaming during a bath to relax the pores. Use tissues around your fingers and squeeze gently. Do not force the skin, better to attempt over 1 or 2 days than mark your skin!
  • Do I need to use a special eye cream?
    If you are over the age of 25 then ideally, Yes. The skin around the eye area (and lips) is thinner and more delicate that the rest of the face so a specific eye product is usually lighter in texture with more targeted ingredients for that area. For a double use these are fabulous for around the lip edges too as the skin is very similar.
  • What are essential oils?
    The liquid essence or concentrate of the aromatic molecules of a plant with the ability to absorb through the skins membrane to the deeper layers of fat and blood capillaries.
  • Are all essential oils pure?
    No, you cannot presume that the essential oils used in all skincare products are pure or high grade as it can depend how they have been extracted, treated during harvesting and then stored. The essential oils used in products found on Beautiful Calms website are to the standard maintained by the International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • Are essential oils safe?
    Some aren’t safe for use on skin or for people with certain medical conditions. All products containing essential oils on Beautiful Calms site are safe to use, but beware if using any other purchased essential oils (neat or blended) without instruction from the manufacturer as these could be harmful.
  • What is a botanical?
    Anything derived solely from a plant
  • Why are vegetable oils best for the skin and to use as `carriers?`
    Because their molecules are very small, not as tiny as essential oil molecules, but small enough to penetrate the skins top epidermis layer and `carry` ingredients with them. Man made or synthetic oils from Petroleum e.g. baby oil is made of huge molecules that only sit on top of the skin.
  • Do Products with essential oils in them go off more quickly?
    Not necessarily. Some essential oils are more volatile than others so evaporate or `go off` more quickly. This doesn’t mean the product is then harmful, just it won`t smell as nice or be quite as effective. Fully organic products will naturally have a shorter shelf life than those with a preservative added.
  • What is wild crafted?
    This usually means a product has been collected from its natural habitat, often on a farm.
  • What is Organic or FDA approved?
    This means the ingredients have been cultivated without synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. The FDA – Food and Drug administration maintain a quality assurance checklist for the cosmetics industry and all Beautiful Calms products adhere to their recommendations.
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  • How long should my service take?
    Typical turnaround time work for all jobs is 10-12 business days after clubs arrive at my shop
  • What if the parts I want are out of stock?
    We will do our best to keep out website updated with ONLY parts that are in stock. If we see an order with a part on it that is out of stock, we will quickly notify the customer and a decision will be made then.
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