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Beautiful Calm Beauty Products
Beautiful Calm Beauty Products


Our aim is to provide 100% natural products, full of medicinal organics and free of cortisone, steroids, DEA (diethanolamine), sulfates, salt (sodium chloride), propylene glycol, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. With increasing awareness of potentially harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients e.g. those  above in health and beauty products, natural /

organic alternatives should be made available to everyone.


Synthetics are inexpensive and make products appear richer in quality by providing either foam enhancing, thickening or moisture retaining properties. These ingredients have undergone extensive testing and many are now recognized as potentially harmful to human health and/or the environment. They can be absorbed through the skin, into the blood stream and may eventually accumulate in various organs of the body. 


Since Carinas inception in 1972, we have chosen a healthier approach to self-care products. Replacing chemical and synthetic ingredients with natural and organic plant extracts, essences and oils has been our focus and philosophy and has helped Carina products become recognized internationally. Organic ingredients such as palm kernel extract and coconut provide our shampoo products with mild, yet effective, cleansing properties and the foam produced is rich and creamy. This is due to the essential tree, herb, fruit and flower extracts that complement our formulations. In our conditioners, organic essences and oils from avocado, olive, flax seed, pumpkin seed and sunflower help the skin to naturally retain its moisture level and hydration to prevent premature drying.


Towards the end of the “weeping” season is the time when we at the Carina Corporation begin to harvest. It takes a little longer to harvest the sap by hand rather than the modern conventional methods of tapping/ripping the tree apart, but the wait is well worth it. Our old fashion methods allow us to simply pull or lightly scrape off these dried clumps of sap, which allows the trees to remain in perfect health to produce more essence for years to come.


We take great pride in using the highest quality ingredients possible in our formulations. A personal "hands-on" approach is taken when selecting and harvesting the proper tree essences, herbs, plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables throughout the year. Ingredients such as alfalfa, chamomile, echinacea, nettle, red clover, along with a variety of botanical tree essences, are hand selected and harvested from different regions of the Pacific Northwest's forests and farms. With a distinct focus on holistic remedies, purity, craft, and quality, all Carina products are manufactured by hand on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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