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Beautiful Calm Beauty Products
Beautiful Calm Beauty Products


We only stock Mila d'Opiz in our salon. Please contact us for further information.


Mila d'Opiz Swiss Beauty is one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in Switzerland and is well known for its high-quality, high-tech, award-winning formulations and ingredients. 

Developed by chance when creating face creams for herself in 1938 by Madame Mila Opitz-Altherr,  it has been manufactured in-house at St Gallen, Switzerland ever since. Now available in more than 40 countries, Mila d’Opiz prides itself on using the most up-to-date cosmetic technology; the best of the plant, marine, and biotechnical worlds. Never tested on animals and at the forefront of environmental sustainability for decades. This is skincare that gives results!


Mila d'Opiz creates sustainable and resource-efficient products with the utmost respect for the environment with production exclusively on site in Switzerland. This offers many advantages for product quality and the environment with their products already approximately CO2-neutral. This is made possible by the purchase of local heating for the building with their own treatment of steam and a photovoltaic system on the company roof also due for installation.

  • Water used there is drinking quality as it is cleaned and treated in their own state-of-the-art micro filtration system, with a modern system monitoring temperature and humidity to avoid unnecessary energy losses.

  • Certified suppliers ensure that only the best natural raw materials are used.

  • They use recycled cardboard for the folding product cartons. For the film we use 100 percent degradable cellophane (this can be recycled as compost), with all residues are consistently separated for recycling.

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